The Stockport Resin Driveway Company

About Stockport Resin Driveway

Driveway that is in the process of having a resin surface installed

​We have worked in the Stockport resin driveway business for quite some time. As a result of our experience, we have simplified our method so that it just consists of five parts. So read below for more information on our streamlined process to install resin.


Our 5 step process

Step 1

The first step is deciding to move forward with resin as your choice of product.

Step 2

The second step is a simple one, and all you have to do is select a colour from the available options. We like to work with natural aggregate colours because these colours work well with the majority of properties. But ultimately, the decision is up to you, and we’ll go with whatever you pick.

Step 3

The third step is to obtain your resin bound driveway cost. We are happy to provide complete pricing that takes into account all of the associated fees, and there is no commitment. Once you are aware of this, you will be able to proceed to plan and budget according to your preferences.

Step 4

The fourth step is to ensure that you have access to your calendar so that we can determine when the installation will take place. Because the British weather can frequently move jobs forward or back, we normally urge you to be flexible with this. Therefore, we are guided by whatever the day brings, regardless of whether it rains or shines.

Step 5

The fifth step is to merely take some time to appreciate your newly installed resin driveway, pathway, or anything else you may have had us cover for you. You will be able to continue to appreciate its aesthetic appeal for a good number of years to come provided that you clean it reasonably frequently.