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Photo of a resin pathway that goes around the corner of a house that we installed in Stockport

Rubber and resin are the two primary components of the flooring material known as resin bound. This kind of material is useful for a variety of applications such as driveways, business spaces, and resin paths in Stockport. Your path should not only be beneficial and practical, but it should also reflect who you are as a person and the way you live your life.


Overlooked footpaths in gardens

The footpaths in a garden are sometimes an area that is overlooked or underestimated by yourself or the gardener. Uneven slabs and stones that are covered in moss are quickly colonising walking trails in every region of the country. But resin bound pathways in Stockport put a stop to all of these troubled and awkward surfaces.

Practical and eye-pleasing walkways

Pathways and walks made of resin are an excellent choice for people who desire a garden that is not only practical but also pleasant to the eye. Walkways that are made of resin bonded pavers have a non-slip surface. So this makes them an ideal, convenient, and secure option for those using walkers, pushchairs, wheelchairs, and bicycles.

Functionality and aesthetic appeal combined

Thinking of working with The Stockport Resin Driveway Company? Then you won’t have to choose between having a path that looks great and has a surface that is functional, easily accessible, and durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear. This is because a resin surface does it all!

Increasing adoption of resin surfaces

Resin surfaces are being included in the walkway infrastructure of an increasing number of back garden patios, residential buildings and commercial areas. Due to its easy-to-navigate surface that is both long-lasting and breathable, this is a fantastic option for your next path or any other area.

Advantages of resin paths in Stockport

You have full creative control over the way your resin paths will ultimately look. This is because of the extensive variety of shapes, sizes, and colours that are accessible to you.

Handcrafted quality

Each of the resin bound pathways that we install at The Stockport Resin Driveway Company is given a manual finish by hand to ensure the highest possible level of quality.

Customisation options

We offer a wide selection of colour mixing options, which may be applied to any surface and include patterns, borders, and symbols. These options can also be combined.

Water drainage and maintenance

As resin walkways have a smooth surface, water does not gather and does not generate as many puddles as other types of footpaths.

Easy installation

The installation of resin pathways is a straightforward process that may be completed in a matter of days or even hours. But this depends on the degree of difficulty of the undertaking.


It is simple to clean using a brush that has strong bristles and it helps to prevent the growth of weeds in the garden.


Non-slip resin walkways can, if necessary, also have additional anti-slip measures installed alongside them.


They are very long-lasting, and there are no loose chips or cracks on the surface.

Unique design possibilities

Your walkway can be made unique by selecting any combination from our numerous colour options. One of the most popular recently is a lot of customers are going for a grey resin path. Regardless of what you choose, we can match or contrast the texture of any nearby surface. This includes grass, brick, paving slabs, decking and gravel, as well as crazy paving and pattern-imprinted concrete. We can do this because we have a selection of different textures from which to choose. The only thing that is required of you is to think up some ideas. But we enjoy the creative process and will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Quality assurance and customer service

Our resin company is a well-known leader in the industry of resin bound solutions. This is a result of its dedication to providing excellent products, outstanding finishes, and friendly and helpful customer service. Over the past several years, our team has devoted a lot of time and effort to producing a line of resin goods that is one of a kind, imaginative, long-lasting, and of the best quality. We have such faith in the quality of the products that we provide every customer who purchases a resin bound pathway both a guarantee and an aftercare service.

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You never have to think again about who does resin paths near me. That’s because, with the help of The Stockport Resin Driveway Company, you’ll be able to create a resin pathway that is both attractive and practical.