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A commercial resin project in Stockport that was some large steps in a public area

We have a long history of working with commercial and trade organisations to provide a commercial resin in Stockport solution. You may be requesting on behalf of someone else, or you may be yourself. Regardless of either, we can get the job done.


Efficient handling of large-scale commercial resin projects

Our crews are well-equipped to handle large-scale projects. Some of these include parking lots, private roads, housing developments, and walkways and footbridges that carry a lot of pedestrian traffic. Installing 350 square metres of resin bound surfacing in a single day is no problem for our workers. Commercial applications requiring a more natural aggregate finish can benefit from our installer’s resin selection.

Seamless installation and certified expertise

Approved resin bound surfacing products offer a seamless finish that is totally porous and SUDS compliant if laid on a permeable surface such as an open textured foundation. Also, our resin bound installation crews are CSCS-certified and have received extensive health and safety training. So The Stockport Resin Driveway Company is perfect for the job you have in mind and can provide entire groundwork services if needed.

What are the advantages of commercial resin in Stockport?

Durable and load-bearing surface

Resin bound is ideal for high-traffic locations including parking lots, children’s play areas, and public pathways. This is because of the underlying layer’s load-bearing strength (typically tarmac or concrete).

Rapid installation and availability

It is critical that surfacing can be installed and made available to the public within a short period when the general population is counting on it. The quick setting period of resin bound surface allows it to be ready for use the following day.

Charming appearance

Natural stone has a more appealing appearance than concrete or asphalt. So with a wide range of stone colours to choose from, it’s easy to choose the ideal shade for a surface and its intended use.

Long-term colour retention

A new seal coat is required to keep the surface from fading after a few years, which is not the case with tarmac. Using a power washer once a year keeps resin bound’s colour vibrant for almost 15 years. Since the polyurethane resins are used to prevent the stone from UV damage, your new surface will continue to look like new for a long time after installation.

Enhanced safety with grippy texture

In high-traffic locations, both vehicles and walkers need to be able to get a hold in icy conditions to avoid accidents. Fortunately, commercial resin surfacing has a stone texture that provides good traction to keep pedestrians and drivers safe.

Effective water drainage and sustainability

When a surface is porous and SUDs-compliant, water can more easily pass through the stone matrix and prevent floods. Additionally, the stone surfacing allows water to flow freely through the roots of plants. Therefore allowing them to thrive and grow even when surrounded by the stone.

What is the official position of the British government?

Permeable (or porous) surfacing that allows water to drain through, such as resin, gravel, permeable concrete block paving, porous asphalt, or rainwater diverted to grass or border to drain naturally does not require planning approval for new or replacement driveways or areas of any size.

What if the area is impermeable?

If the area to be covered is greater than five square metres, a permit will be required. This is to lay traditional, impermeable coverings that do not allow water to flow into a permeable region. But this is not a problem that we have to deal with because we’re resin installers in Stockport.

Connect with our Stockport commercial resin company today!

Commercial projects require a lot more skill and experience than domestic jobs. This is because the surface area is usually considerably larger and there is often a public element to each order. But these two factors are nothing that our team can’t handle as we have already done multiple times before. So give us a call if you are thinking about using resin for your commercial space in Stockport.