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The Stockport Resin Driveway Company

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Photo of a resin driveway in Stockport

Since it serves as the pathway leading to the front door, your driveway is usually always one of the first impressions that people get of your home. Because of this, we believe that it ought to be an arresting declaration that causes people to pause as they go past your house. Despite the abundance of available alternatives, we are firm believers that resin driveways in Stockport are the way to go.


If you are considering having a resin driveway installed in Stockport, continue reading this page. This is because we will explain what resin driveways are and why you should get one. Also, we want to give you as much information as we can so that the next time you think of “resin driveways near me,” you will remember our firm. We have years of experience in providing customers with the surface of their dreams. Remember, in addition to driveways, we also do paths, playgrounds, businesses, and pretty much any other job that requires resin.

The best resin driveways in Stockport

If you have been looking for a new driveway that requires little to no upkeep, is simple to keep in pristine shape, and has kerb appeal that will turn heads, then you need to go no further than The Stockport Resin Driveways Company. This is because we offer just what you need. So if you are interested in receiving a price estimate and would want to learn more about the installation process as well as some of the other services that we provide, please continue reading. Alternatively, if you have already made up your mind and would like to do so, please give us a call.

Why choose a resin surface?

Durable and resistant

Since you are visiting our website, you probably already have some knowledge about resin bound driveways and the reason why there is such a high demand for them. But if you are unsure, resin paving, which is also known as resin gravel, is a surface for driveways that is formed by stones and resin. It is both bendable and porous, qualities that contribute to its high level of durability and resistance to cracking. Epoxy resin and polyurethane resin are the two varieties that are most frequently utilised by installers. Also, polyurethane gives greater stability and impact resistance for your new driveways than epoxy does. This is why epoxy isn’t used nearly as frequently as it used to be.

A porous material

Resin bound driveways are constructed using polyurethane resin that is coated over solid chips. These chips can be made of a variety of materials, with plastic, aggregate, or marble being some of the more common options. It means that puddles can be avoided much more easily with the help of this mixture. This is because it will provide a top surface that is permeable and has a smooth base. So the accumulation of water and the breaking of loose gravel are both fully removed. This in turn makes this the ideal situation for everyone who adores their driveway.

Wide range of colours

If you are thinking about having a resin bound driveway in Stockport, then you have so many options available to you. From a wide range of colours to a huge collection of styles, and with a high-quality finish that is super low maintenance. This is why it is often the driveway of choice for lots of people. So are you thinking about having a resin bound driveway in Stockport? Then give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through your options.

A resin driveway that we installed for a customer in Stockport

Resin Driveways

Today’s driveways made of resin are far more long-lasting than those made of tarmac, block paving, concrete, or gravel. This is because they are often laid at a thickness of about 18 millimetres, which provides them with exceptional strength. In contrast, other surfaces are typically laid with a thinner coat, which increases the likelihood that they may break. Because resin driveways are made of porous materials, they help naturally drain water. This guarantees that your driveway will always look clean and appealing, even after it rains. We are also able to create the impression of a stone resin driveway for you. This then has the potential to look more natural and complement your property.

A grey resin path in stockport

Resin Paths

If you are considering constructing a new path, or if you already have walkways that you would like to upgrade to resin pathways, you can choose from a variety of colours and decorative paving options from our inventory. So if you want a walkway that looks more classic, we can make it with our buff aggregate mixes. Alternatively, if you want something more modern, we can use a lovely contemporary grey. Plus, they require very little upkeep and can be kept looking as good as the day they were placed. This is with nothing more than an occasional sweep and clean with a power washer. So as you can see, they are quite simple to maintain.

“Our driveway was looking pretty worse for wear as it hasn't been touched since we moved into our house about 12 years ago. So we contacted The Resin Driveway Stockport Company who sent around some brilliant boys who did a fantastic job and now the front of our house is finally completed, thanks guys.”
Jake J.

Resin Patios

Not only do we use resin for driveways, but also other applications. As a result of the finish and general quality of resin, an increasing number of people are opting to have their patios constructed out of the same material. So your outside area is eligible for a total makeover with the installation of one of our resin patios. Also, it may be designed in any colour and style imaginable. With our many years of expertise, we have seen a wide variety of gardens. Therefore, whatever you have in mind for your project, you can be almost assured that we have both seen it and completed it in the past. So do not hesitate to give us a call right away.

A close up photo of a resin surface patio

Resin Courtyards

When it comes to the design of your courtyard, having a surface that is both aesthetic and functional is essential. Resin paving can provide an incredible finishing touch to any communal courtyards in schools, garden centres, hospitals, and other residential projects. On top of that, it will be long-lasting enough to withstand the number of people who may use it in the future. Also, because the resin courtyard will be porous, space will always be available after it stops raining.

“We have seen this company's Stockport resin driveways reviews. So thought it wouldn't do any harm to have them round to give us a quote on our driveway. It was such great value for money that we went ahead with the job and are so glad that we did because they really delivered.”
Richard R.
The Stockport resin driveway team has installed the surface but for a play area

Resin Play Areas

Throughout the past few years, there has been a consistent rise in the amount of resin play areas. And it has continued to be the material of choice for developers working on projects of this kind. This is possibly due to the numerous colour options, especially the vibrant colours. Also, a resin surface is made of a softer substance. This makes it better suited for playgrounds than concrete and other similar materials. As resin bound gravel can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, it is an excellent material to use in play areas. This is because they regularly get used by a large number of youngsters.

An image of a commercial resin project on public steps in Stockport

Commercial Resin

Resin is a product that drains water, and as a result, it is finding more and more use in commercial construction projects. As the commercial space is constructed using a porous material, it does not experience puddles or floods after or while it is raining. Therefore the area may be used more frequently. Shopping walkways, car parking, pavement in leisure centres, school yards, communal rooftop gardens, public steps and access ramps are some of the most popular commercial resin uses. Other common commercial uses include recreational centre paving.

“It was about time we had our drive done and so we searched for 'resin driveways near me' and came across this company. They offered us great suggestions that we didn't think of and gave us a fair resin driveways quote.”
Gary L.

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