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Resin courtyard paving in Stockport with a cross-section pattern

Resin courtyards in Stockport are an excellent contemporary alternative to slabs and block paving. In addition to being exceptionally low maintenance, they are also extremely hard-wearing and look wonderful. At The Stockport Resin Driveway Company, we offer an extensive palette of colour options and surface treatments to meet the demands of any landscaping project. Whether you are searching for paving for a garden courtyard or a commercial plan, the need for an attractive yet practical, hardwearing surface is a crucial consideration. So these requirements should be met by the material you choose, which we think should be resin.


Why choose resin for your courtyard in Stockport?

Looking for the perfect finish for gardens and communal courtyards in care homes, hospitals, schools, and residential developments? Then our series of resin surfacing solutions offers paving options that are beautiful, permeable, and low maintenance. Now let’s look at some of the other benefits of using resin.

A diverse range of resin bound colours

We have a variety of resin bound surfacing systems that are available in a wide variety of aggregate colours. So if you are considering the construction of a new courtyard, the expansion of an existing courtyard, or the revitalisation of an older courtyard then you should consider installing resin.

Colour choice tip

Deeper colours hide dirt better than lighter ones. So if your courtyards are surrounded by a lot of greenery then we recommend darker colours.

Tailored resin courtyards

Need a more rustic-looking product for country gardens and historical projects or a slick contemporary finish to suit a new garden landscaping scheme? Well, we are certain we have a resin paving solution that will fit your requirements.

They're functional and safe

When used in conjunction with a suggested porous build-up, resin bound surfacing provides a high level of porosity. This ensures that water drains through the surface and into the foundation, providing a SUD solution and doing away with standing water. Also, because of its high level of slip resistance, resin bonded surfacing ensures the safety of anyone walking on it. Even in rainy conditions! This is why resin paths are becoming more and more popular, especially in public areas.

The resin courtyards are completely customisable

Resin courtyards in Stockport offer a smooth appearance, making them an excellent choice for modern courtyards. However, if you want to create more creative designs, you may create contrast by using opposite colour options, ornamental granite sets, or border systems. Resin surfaces are available in several different colours. So this allows you to produce paving with a more classic feel by making use of buff aggregate mixes or modern greys. If you want to add a dash of colour to your impression, we even provide a coloured aggregate choice for you to choose from.


Our resin bound systems offer a smooth porous finish to replicate the look of loose gravel without the issues of migrating stone. Additionally, these systems benefit from minimal maintenance requirements. All they need is a little sweeping and power washing to keep the courtyard looking as good as new.


If you’re looking for an appearance that is more traditional and resembles loose gravel, our resin-bonded surfacing is a great option. However, there is going to be some shedding over time. So we would recommend regular sweeping and the use of harder-wearing materials such as bauxite or granite. This will give it the greatest lifespan possible, which is anywhere between eight and twelve years depending on the usage.

Contact our Stockport resin courtyards team today!

As you can see, resin surfaces are suitable for high-foot use, making them an excellent choice for walkways, patios, and courtyards. Also, with resin, sound vibrations are dampened, making it a great option for confined areas, such as courtyards. So if you’d like any more information or a quote for resin courtyards in Stockport then please call us right away.