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Are resin driveways slippery?

A resin driveway is one of the many methods for constructing driveways and other outdoor living spaces. A decorative aggregate resin driveway is a versatile and long-lasting option for your area. But are resin driveways slippery? They are not, you get a non-slip surface with better traction when you install a resin driveway. So this improves the safety of your surface. In addition, resin prevents loose pebbles and stones from denting your car by keeping them firmly bound to the surface.

Efficient installation and customisation options

The top layer of your driveway is coated with a smooth, flat sheen of fast-setting resin to create a resin driveway. Then your new resin driveway in Stockport may be used in only a few short hours after the resin coating has been poured. Resin and aggregate materials both come in a variety of colours, allowing you to express your individuality. Businesses and shopfronts also like resin driveways since the aggregate may be customised with a logo or pattern.

Rapid application and cost efficiency

The resin compound can be applied in a scattered coat. Then covered with an aggregate mix to any existing surface. Curing can be completed in as little as two to four hours. Therefore, it’s possible to install a resin driveway in just one day! Plus, it’s less expensive than using a trowel because this approach only requires the base to be coated with resin.

A graphic image of a resin driveway with a slippery warning sign with question marks over the top

Low maintenance and weed prevention

While asphalt and gravel driveways need to be cleaned regularly to keep them in good condition, resin is different. Resin driveways in Stockport are almost maintenance-free due to the resin’s ability to form a tight bond with the ground. But patching with the same resin substance is necessary if wear occurs. For the life of your driveway, there will be no room for unwanted plants or weeds to grow through and damage it.

Approval and continued popularity

So no, resin driveways are not slippery. Furthermore, the resin driveway installation procedure has recently been given the green light by SUDS. There is no evidence of the small business community’s approval of a resin driveway slowing down. This is probably because of its long life span and that they are a safe solution for homeowners.​