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Can resin driveways be laid in the rain?

It is important to avoid laying down resin surfaces in Stockport when it is raining because this can cause delays in the construction schedule. We say this because customers are always asking “Can resin driveways be laid in the rain?”. Other environmental factors, such as high humidity, dew, moist aggregate, or any other type of ground moisture, might also pose a significant threat to your resin bound surface. When moisture and resin come into contact with one another, an instant reaction takes place. It produces gas bubbles that can manifest in the resin as foam or clouding. Therefore, you must take every precaution to avoid contact with moisture.

Not just the rain but the temperature too

It’s important to be conscious of the temperature, as this might affect the curing timeframes and, therefore, the final product. So always refer to the instructions provided by the resin manufacturer. As the temperature rises, the process of trowelling will become more difficult to accomplish. This is because of the lengthened amount of time needed for it to set owing to the higher temperature. When exposed to low temperatures, the resin does not harden as quickly. Then, when working in cold temperatures with UV-stable resin, the use of a catalyst is required to obtain acceptable cure rates.

Image of rain hitting the surface of the floor which would make it unsuitable to lay a resin driveway

The rain and resin

Winter is a tough time in the UK, especially for outside tradesmen such as ourselves. The cold and rain hold up loads of phases of projects, our team get ill and our tools get soaked. But other than that it’s not so bad. However, the weather and installing a resin driveway do not go well together. If it rains we simply can’t lay a resin surface.

Maximise production even in wet weather

As it rains so often in Stockport, the method that we use when it’s raining is getting the projects ready for the resin coating. So we do everything we can right up until the point of trowelling in the resin aggregate. Then when it is clear, our team come through laying the product. We’ve even been known to lay more than one driveway in a day if there’s a backlog of customers due to poor weather conditions.

We still follow the steps for a resin driveway installation

When performing a full resin driveway installation, we first dig up the existing surfaces, then prepare the edges, install the hardcore, and lastly, we tarmac over the entire area. The surfaces that have been prepped are left with a tarmac finish until it is possible to lay down the resin surface. But don’t worry as we won’t be far as we are a local resin company in Stockport. So as soon as the rain stops, we start.