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Can resin driveways be repaired?

When it comes to resin bound surfaces, they are low-maintenance, resilient and have a 20-year lifespan. But we receive many requests to either renew or repair old installations that have been worn, faded or cracked over the years. This begs the question though, “Can resin driveways be repaired?“.

Some of the different repairs for resin driveways

While there are numerous answers to any problems that may arise with this system, it is up to the individual client to choose the one that best meets their requirements.


Any resin driveway in Stockport surface has a low maintenance requirement, as previously noted. A strong bristles (but not metal) brush should be used to sweep the area every six to twelve weeks. If this isn’t enough, you can dilute standard household detergent with water and then brush it off. However, it is advisable to utilise a fan setting at least 200mm from the surface and cold water only when utilising a jet wash.

There are times when specialised items are necessary to be used. Tyre markings have a high probability of being the cause of this. A jet washer and a heavy-duty de-greaser should be all that are needed to remove these stains.


There are a few simple steps involved in completing this task. First, the surface will be vacuumed to remove any debris that may have entered via the cracks. It will then be jet-washed and de-greased with the proper chemicals. After applying a thin coat of resin with a roller, the entire installation must be completely dry (not just the surface).

The resin bound resealing procedure has numerous advantages. As a result of the fine aggregate or broken glass being used in most resin installations, the anti-slip characteristics might wear out over time. So this makes the surface not just slippery but dull. But sealing the surface can bring it back to its gleaming, new-looking self.

Image of a black resin driveway that has a crack so needs to be repaired


Porous and flexible resin can endure a certain amount of movement (hence why it is advisable to have a tarmac sub-base). Therefore, this system is better able to handle movement in the base, it is less likely to crack than other solutions. Cracks on the surface are rare. But they can be easily repaired by a respectable resin bound driveway installer in Stockport, which will return to your home at no cost to you.

Using a chisel, shatter the resin into a rough edge to fix a crack. The matrix of the surface must be preserved at all costs. The gap will subsequently be filled with a fresh batch of resin. To avoid burnishing, choose a plastic trowel. The new mix will then interlock with the edges to create a smooth surface.

In-place patchwork

Older installations or those that have sustained damage greater than the width of a crack are more likely to require patch repairs. This restores the surface’s functionality while also preventing further deterioration. So this choice appeals to many customers because of its affordable price tag. As the name says, patch repairs are almost always visible. Mineral differences in the surface, as well as the accumulation of dirt on the rest of the surface, are to blame for this.


As an alternative to a patch repair or where the entire surface has failed, it’s best to just apply an additional layer of resin. In many cases, it is more cost-effective to renew resin bound driveways rather than start from scratch. This is because overlays don’t necessarily mean beginning the whole project again, just a fresh layer on the top.

In most cases, the procedure can be performed in a single day. Around the edges, the resin is chiselled out and the general surface is scraped back. Following this, a new coating of resin bound is trowelled onto the base and feathered down to the edges so that it remains flush with the trim.

Overlapping the resin bound creates a new surface that should resist further cracking or breaking.

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So yes, to your question “Can resin driveways be repaired”. But before looking at a repair job, you first want to search for ‘resin driveways near me‘. This will bring up companies like us who install it day in and day out. So will know the best course of action to repair a resin driveway.