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Are resin driveways hard wearing?

Everywhere you drive in Stockport you’ll see new and old resin driveways. So one of the more common questions we’ve been asked over the years as professional resin installers is “Are resin driveways hard wearing?“. We can tell you that the answer is YES, they are extremely hard wearing. However, they only have this benefit if they are laid correctly.

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The market for permeable resin bound paving has increased significantly in recent years due to an increase in floods and public awareness of flood control. But it’s not only driveways that have become so popular, resin pathways in Stockport have become increasingly favoured. However, increased demand naturally brings more companies, lots of whom offer subpar work. For a premium paving product that may last more than 25 years when built correctly, this produces a terrible reputation.

Any other reasons than hard wearing to choose a resin driveway?

As they usually have to cope with vehicles driving on them every day, hard wearing is one of the most important reasons to choose resin. But that being said, here are ten other compelling arguments in favour of resin driveways:

Ensuring structural stability

On-site cold mixing ensures that every stone particle is covered in resin, generating a 3D matrix that is structurally stable and impermeable. Voids are produced during the laying process that let rainwater seep through.

Beauty with longevity

Resin-bonded paving is not only beautiful, but it’s also long-lasting, useful, and adaptable.


It doesn’t get soft in the summer, freeze in the winter, or fade in the sunlight.

Unmatched durability

As far as durability and weight bearing go, resin driveways are unmatched. Even though warranties range from 10 to 20 years, if properly installed and maintained, the product can survive for more than 25 years.

A photo of a hard wearing resin driveway in Stockport

Low maintenance requirements

With no weeds or loose stone to sweep, it takes very little to look after your driveway. Furthermore, it will appear new with frequent brushing and occasional power washing.

Natural water filtration

Surface or rainwater seeps through the sub-base, providing natural filtering that reduces or removes contaminants created by oils and metals as the water passes through it. As a result, the amount of surface water runoff and flash flooding is reduced.

The Environment Agency introduced the SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) water management system to help with flood risk control and water quality management.

Combating heat island effect

Hard surfaces, like asphalt and concrete, absorb and store heat, resulting in a heat island effect. However, allowing the soil beneath to breathe decreases the heat island effect, which lowers surface temperatures. This is another reason why we prefer resin driveways in Stockport over any other surface.

Simplified regulations

There is no need for a permit for spaces smaller than 5 square metres or with a permeable new surface. Thanks to legislation passed in 2008 the government no longer requires a permit.​

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In summary, resin driveways are indeed hard wearing if laid correctly. Alongside their durability, resin driveways offer various benefits, including weather resistance, low maintenance, and environmental advantages. So with proper care, they stand as a long-lasting and practical choice for any property.