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Can resin driveways be jet washed?

They look great, and they last a long time, but can resin driveways be jet washed? If you have a resin bound driveway in Stockport, you can absolutely jet wash it. Our team of professionals will now cover how to jet wash and clean your driveway because the solution is not that straightforward by nature.

Jet washing should be part of your regular maintenance

Resin drive surfaces, in general, should have seasonal maintenance performed. This is because car parks and other hard surfaces like patios and driveways tend to collect oil and grime more quickly. However, care must be given while using a jet washer to clean any type of resin surface. High-pressure power washers are used in conjunction with cold water to provide the best results. But be careful because pressurised water beyond a certain degree might damage these surfaces. Also, don’t hold the end of the gun too close to the surface.

Reasons to clean resin surfaces

Make them last longer

After resin driveway surfacing has been installed, regular maintenance is required. Just as it is for any other component of your home or property. This not only assures the aesthetic appeal of your surface but also ensures that it operates as intended for decades to come. You can read our full maintenance guide in one of our blog posts.

A resin driveway being jet washed

Make them safe and keep them looking like new

Surfaces can become slippery and unclean if oil or other liquids accumulate on them over time. For example, weeds can build up and damage the ground beneath if left unmanaged, as their root systems grow. In some cases, even the effects of the environment’s weather might be detrimental. If not cleaned regularly, the elements like rain, sun, and wind can contribute to the buildup of dirt and grime, which can eventually lead to discolouration.

To get the best out of your cleaning

We strongly advise that you clean your resin driveway, patio, or other surfaces regularly to maintain their quality and appearance. Our resin bound driveways in Stockport and other hardscapes can be thoroughly cleaned with a power or jet wash. But we recommend only when the job is left to the experts. So we think you should always hire a company to do it properly. Plus, it takes time and money to rent or buy equipment, and it’s unlikely that it will be as effective as the high-end equipment used by professionals!


There you have it, resin driveways can be jet washed. So if you were thinking of getting one then contact us for a free estimate by phone or email. Then we can see what we can do for your surfaces, no matter where you are in Stockport!​