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What colours do resin driveways come in?

One of the most appealing aspects of a resin bound surface is its consistency. Remarkable natural aggregate colours put together in a smooth and consistent finish are almost impossible to miss on a resin bound driveway, path or patio. Resin is a great way to add curb appeal to your home right away! But what colours do resin driveways come in do you ask? Well, there are a wide variety of ways in which the colour palette can be employed, from geometric patterns and logos to numerals and typography.

It’s impossible to create a design that isn’t enhanced by the large variety of dried aggregates. The bespoke resin bound colour palette includes 48 unique gravel blends created especially for this collection.

Different resin driveway colours

Aggregates, sizes, and textures vary from blend to blend. There is a resin aggregate colour (or two or three!) for any project. From gentle yellows and deep golds to contemporary silvers and greys, from monochrome whites, black and greens to russet browns and appealing pinks. So as you can see, resin gravel colours come in an astounding variety. Now let’s discuss how they look in both residential and commercial settings.

Gold and Yellow

A timeless combination

One of the most recognisable pictures in resin bound design is the golden and yellow resin pathway in Stockport leading to a welcome front door.

There is a wide variety of complementing reds, greens, creams, and browns that may be used to produce attractive resin colours. All of these go well with virtually any type or age of the home and gold and yellow resin bound aggregates are no exception.

Gold aggregates can be used for roads, walkways, and patios, and they can also be used as a stand-alone colour. However, blends offer a wide range of gold and yellow hues, from deeply textured and warm autumnal tones to brighter tints with sparkles of mild beige.

We recommend placing a resin bound sample against the brickwork or exterior of your home. Then look at it throughout the day to determine the best colour for your project. When you see the range of textures and colours in each blend, you’ll can pick the right resin colour for your home’s decor.


Bold and beautiful for immediate curb appeal

If you’re looking to create a striking contemporary style with a resin bound driveway, path, or patio that’s also warm and inviting with character, then red is the colour for you.

A single colour of deep red is perfect for generating crisp, classic lines with meaningful impact. While blends with opposing colours such as silver, black or green specks offer fantastic results.

When paired with other colours, red can take on a whole new look. It may be used to create anything from geometric forms to house numbers to sports logos and even personal family crests.

Silver and Grey

A dash of sophistication

The popularity of silver and grey resin driveways, patios, and walkways has skyrocketed in the twenty-first century as one of the most popular colour schemes for the home.

There is a large selection of silver and grey resin bound colours in the collection. These cool and sophisticated greys and silvers can be used to contrast spectacularly with traditional brickwork, darker and lighter stone or rendering, and so on.

To create an eye-catching border, you can choose from a wide range of colours and textures to give the effect of a stone resin driveway. Silvers and greys are typically used in combination with darker black. But any colour can be utilised.

Image of the different colours that resin driveways come in

Cream and Beige

For a high-end look

Resin bound white, cream, and beige aggregates have a crisp, modern look and can be found in a variety of shades. Online is the best place to start if you’re searching for pure white, a tinge of ivory, or a more detailed finish with contrasting stones.

However, a resin bound driveway in a lighter colour may require more frequent cleaning to maintain its attractiveness and impact. So keep this in mind when making your selection of colour.


A peaceful and unobtrusive tone

Pink is a versatile colour that works well with a wide range of design elements. Also, it can be found in a variety of hues and textures. The beauty of this colour is unmistakable, and it’s no wonder it’s been one of the most popular options. Plus, if you’re looking to get your neighbours talking then pink is the way to go.


Get noticed instantly

Having a black resin driveway in Stockport is a bold choice. If you’re searching for a contemporary, modern aesthetic, black is a great colour choice. Many mixes employ black as the foundation colour. But then incorporate jewels of colour like silver, grey, or white into it. This makes it more than just a monotone finish.

Accent colours such as black resin aggregates are frequently used in interior design to draw attention to and contrast other colours. They work particularly well with neutrals such as white or ivory and create a wonderful backdrop for bold, solid hues.

A driveway with a black resin bound surface is a terrific head-turner. So if you’re searching for a contemporary, modern aesthetic, black is a great colour choice.

Already thinking of working with other strong, basic colours, like creams, whites, or silvers? Then you’ll probably want to utilise black resin aggregate as an accent colour to set them off.

Any colour you want for a resin driveway in Stockport

As you can see the possibilities are endless when it comes to “What colours do resin driveways come in?”. So if you would like any further information about your resin bound driveway in Stockport then give us a call.