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A zoomed-in image of the surface of a resin patio in Stockport

In the same way that the kitchen has emerged as the heart of our houses, patios are rapidly taking their place as the most important feature of our gardens. Therefore, resin patios in Stockport are adaptable to any situation and any event. It can be the scene of a lively gathering with relatives and friends, or it can be the ideal place to relax alone and shut out the world.


A growing trend

Resin bound patios are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their aesthetic appeal as well as their functionality. For many years, this functional and adaptable garden space has been created primarily out of uniform concrete or block paving. However, the combination of the two materials has led to the rise in the popularity of resin bound patios.

What exactly is a resin bound patio?

The basic components

Patios made of resin are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly fashionable and functional. They are manufactured by combining high-quality dried aggregates with UVR resin. This is then trowelled to achieve a uniform finish, even, and consistent across the board.

A personalised finish

A resin bound patio can be constructed in any size, shape, or colour, and can include borders or contrasting colours. Furthermore, if you really want to mark your seating area, you can even carve your initials into the surface of the patio.

Match your current property style

Patios made of resin bound gravel can be designed to complement the architecture of any garden or house. From modern greys to rich golds, natural greens to fiery reds. You can select the colour that best enhances the beauty of your home’s brickwork or creates the mood and style of outside space you want. One of the primary advantages of resin bound patios is the extensive range of gravel colours that are available in many different shades and textures. A resin patio surface can have a modern and sleek appearance, or it can be the warm and inviting focus of a cottage garden designed more traditionally.

Stockport resin patio colours

Our resin patio Stockport line includes over 30 beautiful gravel colours to choose from. Each blend contains a unique assortment of aggregates of varying sizes and textures. It is possible to build a one-of-a-kind and personalised design by using any combination of colours. Sometimes logos can even be incorporated into the pattern!

Why choose a resin patio in Stockport

Now let’s discuss the benefits of a resin patio. Also, the reasons why resin bound patios in Stockport have become the material of choice for enhancing garden spaces of varying dimensions and configurations.

Low-maintenance and functional

The vast majority of us have experienced the tedium and discomfort of spending several hours on our hands and knees, attempting to clear out weeds from a driveway or patio area. Resin bound patio surfaces, in contrast, to block paving, are very speedy and simple to maintain, and their resistance to weed growth is a significant benefit. Simply giving a resin patio an occasional sweep with a brush and giving it an easy jet wash is all that is required to keep it in good condition. Job done!

Maintenance guide

Have a look at our maintenance guide for resin paving surfaces to learn more about how to properly clean and maintain your resin bound patio.

Can handle the rain

Resin bound offers greater advantages in terms of practicality. Most importantly, it is permeable and SUDS-compliant. This means that your patio will not have any puddles on it throughout the year (as long as the base is sufficient). Because it has such high porosity, resin bound can take in 850 litres of water per square metre and minute. We have no reason to believe that it will ever rain so hard in Stockport so you should be fine.


The aspect of safety is still another essential consideration. Traditional patio paving may develop an uneven surface over time. However, the slick finish of a resin bound patio eradicates most risk of falling over. The slip resistance of a resin surface is improved by the abrasives that are mixed with resin. So this can also be used to create linking resin paths that can be used around a patio (even on hills) to enable access for wheelchairs and mobility scooters if necessary. Plus it can also be used to install resin driveways on a slope.

Reach out to our resin patio installers in Stockport!

For the installation of a resin bound patio, we strongly advise selecting a contractor who adheres to high installation standards when working with resin bound materials. A quick search of ‘resin patios near me’ and you should find us. Then please fill out the quote form if you have any enquiries about the resin bound driveway cost. In addition, if you have any queries, you can always call us and we will do our best to answer them.