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How much weight can resin surfaces hold?

How much weight can resin surfaces hold?

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Stylish, sexy, and tough! The use of resin surfaces in Stockport for commercial projects and residential paving projects is on the rise. In addition to being visually appealing, this paving choice has several other advantages that make it a clear winner.

The resin surface

It’s helpful to have additional parking spaces because many families usually have more than one car because of our ever-growing population. Hand-troweled for a smooth and even finish, the stone aggregates are blended with a high-quality, carefully manufactured binder (the resin). This material is one of the most durable and adaptable alternatives on the market today.

Can resin surfaces withstand the weight of cars?

Yes, they can! This is because the resin mixture is made and the stone used is durable. Therefore a resin driveway or path can withstand increased vehicle weight, making it suited for both pedestrian and automotive traffic. So properties with multiple vehicles or a requirement to store a heavy-duty vehicle will benefit from resin. Considering that the average weight of a vehicle is estimated to be 1.4 tonnes and that most large vans are around 3.5 tonnes, you can see why our blends are so popular.

Resin doesn't crack or fade

There are many standard driveways out there that begin to crack and fade over a short period. Especially for customers who drive huge 4×4 vehicles. But our colours won’t fade or change under UV light because of the lifetime colour lock guarantee on our resin-bound mix.

Get a bigger driveway

Resilient resin driveways in Stockport can be designed and installed for a variety of purposes. To keep your vehicles within the borders of your property, we can extend your current driveway to generate more parking for you from unoccupied garden areas. Thieves and vandals will be less likely to mess with your vehicles as a result of this. Another advantage of installing a resin driveway is that it will increase the value of your home, improve the curb appeal, and last for many years.

Resin car park surfaces

Resin bound car parks can take a lot of weight so are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they offer a stable, free-draining surface that can accommodate vehicles, vans, trucks, lorries, and buses.

Why resin is getting used more and more for car parks

Aesthetically pleasing

In addition to being functional and practical, parking lots must also be visually appealing, reliable, and cost-effective. All of these needs can be met with the help of a resin-bound parking lot.

Doesn't hold rainwater

Resin-bound gravel’s porous properties allow rainwater to drain through the surface into the sub-base, which is commonly an open texture base coat tarmac.

Sustainable drainage

Natural infiltration of rainwater into the sub-base and back into the groundwater table can make a resin-bound parking lot part of a SuDS system.

Not just increasing popularity in car parks

Resin surfaces are not just becoming more popular for car parks but also private roadways among businesses and government agencies. Resin-bound is more visually appealing than drab old tarmac and concrete. But it’s also better for the environment, completely permeable, and exceptionally strong.


Resin surfaces can handle way more than the weight of cars and vans so it’s not something that any domestic client needs to worry about. However as previously discussed it can take a lot more weight which is why many car parks are benefitting from resin. Still want to learn more about resin bound car park sub-base options and what constitutes an appropriate sub-base? Then contact us for expert help because we want to be the go-to company when someone thinks “Who does resin driveways near me?”

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