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Can I turn my front garden into a resin driveway for cars?

Can I turn my front garden into a resin driveway for cars?

Photo of the front garden of a house which could be turned into a resin driveway for their car

People who have trouble finding a parking spot on the street or who must pay for a parking permit sometimes inquire, “Can I make my front garden a resin driveway for cars?” and then shortly followed by “Who does resin driveways near me?”. However, if you’re unsure about the rules they’ll need to take into account, we’ve put them into one helpful blog post.

Granted authorisation to plan

Even for classic, impermeable driveways, it is necessary to seek planning authorisation. A maximum of 5m2 can be erected before planning approval is required. But this is for driveways that do not provide for water drainage into permeable areas.

The UK does not require planning permission for permeable driveways of any size. As a result, you may design a driveway that meets the demands of your customers, whether they have one car or many. Resin bound driveways in Stockport are among the most common types of permeable driveways. They’re easy to apply, long-lasting, and come in a wide variety of aggregates, making it simple to choose the perfect finish for any job.

Are the rules the same for all areas?

Residents of protected areas might be subject to an Article 4 directive, which restricts their development rights. You don’t require planning approval in conservation zones for walls up to 1 metre high. This is only if your customer has to remove one in their front garden to make room for a driveway.

Dropping the curb outside the residence

Your customer will have to drop the kerb on the pavement outside their home in order to go into their driveway. However, the local council will have to give them permission to do so. They will be responsible for this work, which may entail strengthening the pavement to safeguard water lines and other underground services. The customer will also have to pay for this work. Also sometimes, the council may impose a fee just to apply, so they must keep this in mind.

Any trees should be removed from the property

Many homeowners choose to have their trees removed before transforming their front garden to a Stockport resin driveway for cars. The reason is that their roots might cause cracks in a roadway. However, if your customer intends to do this, they must notify the council in advance. We’d also urge them to retain as much foliage in their garden as feasible. But this is only if they’re thinking about selling their house in the future. Visual appeal is an important selling point, thus it’s a good thing to have.


In Stockport, we are trusted resin driveway installers. Furthermore, we have lost count of how many resin driveways we have laid to make room for cars. It’s our bread and butter so you’re in good hands if you choose us for your project.

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