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How to avoid the most common resin problems.

How to avoid the most common resin problems

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Driveways with smooth finishes and beautiful, long-lasting surfaces are now commonplace thanks to the invention of resin bound. As a result of their excellent porosity and UV resilience, these paving materials are appropriate for places that receive a lot of rain such as Stockport. But also, their low density makes them suitable for hot climates. Resin-bound surfaces are beautiful, all-season pavements that can resist inclement weather. Although, resin bound driveways, as long-lasting as they are, aren’t without their drawbacks. Resin problems can be avoided and solved, resulting in a beautiful driveway year-round.

Why do resin problems happen?

Incorrect installation is the most common cause of resin driveway problems. So having the appropriate company install your resin-bound driveway is critical. Then maintaining your driveway is the best way to avoid other problems, such as natural wear.

We’ll discuss some of the most frequent resin surface issues and how to fix them in this blog post. In this way, you can avoid or deal with these issues as soon as they arise.

Problems with resin bound driveways and how to fix them

You won’t have to worry about any issues with your resin area if you install it appropriately. Resin driveways in Stockport are only as good as their installation and the materials they’re made of. For a long-lasting driveway worth admiring, you’ll want a reputable contractor who uses high-quality components.

1. Surface rocks and pebbles

The resin may not be able to adhere to the stone aggregates. If you see a few loose stones on the driveway’s surface, it signifies the driveway’s otherwise smooth quality is being compromised.

A few stray stones on the driveway can be ignored, but if you do, they will likely form unsightly clumps. It is necessary to remove the damaged sections and repair them using stone and glue to fix this.

When mending your driveway, use stones of the same colour. If you use stones of different colours, the driveway may appear even more uneven. It’s best to stick to the same colour stones unless that’s what you’re looking for.

2. Drainage that isn't working well

The porosity of resin bound paving is likely its most significant benefit. That means you don’t have to worry about flooding in the event of strong rainfall. As a result, there is no need for drains to carry surface water away from the site.

Instead of sinking into the ground, water may collect on the surface. As a result, you’ll need to either slope the driveway or install a new one if you’re dealing with a non-SUDS-compliant sub-base.

3. Changing the colour

Your resin bound driveway will eventually turn a darker shade. However, you shouldn’t be alarmed by the discolouration as it’s quite natural.

When the resin comes into contact with certain stones, the colour of the resin changes. Lighter-coloured stone resin driveways in Stockport are particularly renowned for producing driveway discolouration.

Some people find the discolouration acceptable, while others find it intolerable. So consider utilising UV-resistant GFRP for your driveway if you don’t want it to fade. In this method, UV rays from the sun will not damage the resin since they will reflect off of the lighter-coloured stones.

4. Cracking

Pavement cracks are a major problem that must be addressed as soon as possible. Cracking can be a safety issue as well as an aesthetic flaw. Because of the increased difficulty of driving over cracked pavement, there is an increased risk of a collision.

Roughness in the sub-base is most often the cause of cracks in resin driveways. Even if you choose to ignore the problem, the base will eventually start to move. Therefore, if it starts to move, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Cracks in the resin bound surface allow the paving to peel off because it is only a few millimetres thick. It’s quite doubtful that your warranty covers cracks caused by the base, which is the most common cause of cracks. Then you have no choice but to tear up the current paving and install a new one.

5. The presence of rusty patches

Rust stains aren’t as prevalent as you may think, although it does happen to some people. If the pavement aggregate contains iron, rust spots will appear. But rusting is a gradual process that doesn’t occur all at once.

Using iron-rich material does not guarantee that your driveway will be rusty. Before any rusting can take place, water needs to reach the iron to transform it into iron oxide. This makes it even more critical to fix any loose stones or fissures as soon as possible.

Tell your contractor to avoid using iron aggregate completely to avoid any problems.

6. What to do if your resin driveway has bumps

There are undulations in the base of your resin driveway in Stockport that cause bumps on the surface. For a surface to have bumps, the base must also have bumps.

Even if your driveway appears uneven, the situation is far more serious. During heavy rain, the bumps may cause your driveway to dip, resulting in flooding. Also, discolouration and even rust spots can occur as a result of the water accumulating.

To get rid of bumps and dips, you need to remove the paving and fix the bumps and undulations underneath. Before putting the resin-bound paving on, make sure your foundation is level and even.

Every resin bound driveway problem is solved

A resin bound driveway is always a good choice because it offers so many advantages over a normal one. Even while resin driveways have their share of issues, there is a solution to every one of them. In addition, several contractors offer warranties on their work, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


We’d like to think you know to avoid applying resin bound surfaces by yourself. This is because you’ll likely make a mistake. Search for ‘resin driveways near me‘ and hire a contractor like us to do the installation instead. Also, get in touch with our resin driveways Stockport team right away if you need a resin driveway repair.

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